R & A Sphinx Hookah Bar LLC

401 Atwood St Pittsburgh, PA, 15213 United States

Oakland 412-621-1153 - please contact Ramy for online store inquiries

Oakland Location
401 Atwood Street, Pittsburgh  PA 15213

Clean, Repair, Trade, and Buy Hookahs
Traditional Egyptian Floor Seating
Loft VIP area & Outdoor Seating Available
BYOB option
Extensive authentic Arabic food and drink menu

Thousands of Hookah & Tobacco products and accessories available to enjoy in-house or for purchase!

Knowledgeable & Friendly Staff
Daily in-house discount specials
Regular entertainment events

Return Policy

No Returns or Exchanges of E-Juices/E-Liquids will be accepted under an conditions due to Health and Sanitation issues and the subjective nature of individual tastes, as they contain food-grade substances meant to be taken into the body which can become contaminated either accidentally or on purpose and which makes it illegal for us to re-sell these products; as such we will not provide refunds on E-Juices or E-Liquids or Wicks/Coils.

Returns or Exchanges on mechanical/tobacco products (composed of metal and/or plastic) purchased from our Website will not be accepted due to Health and Sanitation issues and the subjective nature of individual tastes. All such products either provide a means of ingestion or are ingestible which can become contaminated, making it illegal for us to resell such products. As such, we will not provide refunds on mechanical/tobacco products.

Although we do not provide a refund/return service, we will happily fix any product that is malfunctioning. Simply ship the item(s) back to us with notes on the malfunctioning product and we will ship the product back to you. All shipping costs are paid for by the customer. If you have any questions concerning our policy or item(s) purchased, please feel free to email us at sphinxcafe@gmail.com or call our business phone number (412) 621-1153.