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Cocktail Glass Table


Cocktail Glass Table


LED color changing Glass Table sold in USA



1. High quality PE material

2. RGB LED lamp beads installing

3. Supply voltage: USA, DC 4.2V

4. Li-polymer battery

5. Waterproof: IP44~68, can resist the sunshine and rain

6. Remote controller and Adapter

7. Color changeable

8. Low power consumption

9. Long life span

10. Ease to be cleaned by Alcohol



Type:LED cube

Material:PE by rotation moulding

LED color:16 Colors 

LED light:RGB lamp

Remote control:1.turn on or turn off

2.changing the color

3.Adjust the brightness of the lights 

4.Adjust the flash of lights(4mode:Colorful gradient, colorful hopping, monochromatic flashing, colorful flicker

5.Control distance 10-12M

Power supply:Adaptor and battery

Power adaptor:Adaptable voltage : AC110v-240v

Voltage and Power:4.2v, 

Battery:1. Rechargeable Lithium battery

2. Can be used for 10-12 hours continuously

3. Battery charge time: 4-5 hours

4. Battery included with safety strip

5. Battery life span: 50000 hours

6. Running time:10hours

battery capacity:1000mA/H;1600mA/H;2200mA/H;3000mA/H;4400mA/H;6600mA/H(according to the LED bead lamp quantity)

Charging:Common charging


Certification:CE;FCC;ROSH etc..

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