R & A Sphinx Hookah Bar LLC

401 Atwood St Pittsburgh, PA, 15213 United States

Oakland 412-621-1153 - please contact Ramy for online store inquiries

Oakland Location
401 Atwood Street, Pittsburgh  PA 15213

Clean, Repair, Trade, and Buy Hookahs
Traditional Egyptian Floor Seating
Loft VIP area & Outdoor Seating Available
BYOB option
Extensive authentic Arabic food and drink menu

Thousands of Hookah & Tobacco products and accessories available to enjoy in-house or for purchase!

Knowledgeable & Friendly Staff
Daily in-house discount specials
Regular entertainment events

Sphinx Café opened in 2003 in Pittsburgh's South Side, giving Pittsburgh its first authentic Egyptian hookah bar. The Sphinx expanded in 2004 and opened another location in the heart of South Oakland. The South Side location originally offered a mere five flavors of shisha. Today, the Sphinx has the largest variety of shisha flavors on the East coast of the USA. 

Sphinx Café offers a relaxing Middle Eastern ambiance created by comfortable seating, colorful lighting, and vibrant, authentic Egyptian décor. We offer an extensive food and drink menu with traditional Arabic fare such as Egyptian coffee. In addition to a full-service hookah bar, we also carry a large array of hookahs and accessories for your hookah and for smoking pipe tobacco.


Cup of Egyptian Cardamom Coffee at Sphinx Café: Sphinx Café is your type of place if you love bohemian ambiance; the converted church features walls covered in tapestries and a floor scattered with poufs. Help yourself to a hookah, but be sure to get an Egyptian cardamom coffee to go with it. It’s brewed in the traditional style, using a fine grind and spiced with cardamom pods to produce some of the richest coffee that will ever cross your lips. —KB
— Pittsburgh Magazine August 2013
LET YOUR STREET GO UP IN SMOKE AT THE SPHINX CAFE: For several years, The Sphinx Cafe has been reclaiming the hookah’s reputation. First off, a traditional Middle Eastern water pipe is called a shisha. Second, the water filtrates most of the bad chemicals out of tobacco smoke. Third, it’s only available to visitors 18 and older. Also, it’s relaxing, aromatic and tasty. But if shisha still isn’t your bag, you can kick back with a cup of “shai” (tea), let your pals puff away and experience the aromas of an Egyptian street market right here in Oakland. 401 Atwood St., Oakland. Info: 412/621-1153
— Pittsburgh Magazine April 2011